Welcome Glenview Gardeners

History: During regular breakfast meetings of the Glenview Chamber of Commerce, a frequent subject of conversation was gardening and the Glenview Gardeners club was born. While specialty groups were well-established, the new group would focus on the general aspects of planning, designing, establishing and maintaining gardens and the rewards associated with both the interior and exterior landscaping of a home. The first meeting was held in January of 1991 and the group has met every month since.

Purpose: To bring together men and women who enjoy gardening to advance the knowledge of horticulture and to promote gardening in the Village of Glenview.

Programs: Please refer to the Calendar of Events page for program information.

Our next meeting:   Will be our holiday Party on December 14th at 7:00pm. Our December holiday open house will be at the library. They have safety rules that seem restrictive but are there to keep us all safe. It is today’s reality and won’t be like this forever. Let’s do what we can to have some fun anyway! There will be garden bingo + prizes, a raffle, and a gift exchange. Come enjoy each other’s company. Food is not allowed, but feel free to bring your own non-alcoholic drinks. If you have any treats that you would like to share, they must be individually wrapped to take home.

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