Annual Garden Walk

Sunday, July 11, 2021
1:00 – 4:00 p.m.

DEBBIE’S GARDEN2251 Glenview Road, Glenview (Please park on Roosevelt Road)
Debbie is a proponent of planting milkweed for Monarchs and friends, and has begun to transform her perennial gardens into butterfly and pollinator friendly spaces. She combines native plants, herbs and various milkweeds with her cultivars to produce a riot of color no butterfly can resist! In addition, she and her husband keep a vegetable garden as well as a gated, secret garden which fits perfectly with their 1927 Tudor home. This yard hosts family & friends on a lovely patio that overlooks the gardens, as well as a grassy yard enjoyed by their daughter and dog.
PAM’S GARDEN907 Glendale Road, Glenview
Pam’s perennial gardens greet you in the front yard with beautiful beds of peonies, ferns, phlox and daylilies. Continuing through the arbor will entice a stop at her side-yard rock garden, featuring prickly pear cacti, hens and chicks, and sedum. A cottage garden awaits as you round the corner, showcasing roses, peonies, lilies, iris and hosta. A symphony of greens, varying both in texture and hue, begs a closer look where you’ll find countless varieties of hosta (including miniatures!), ferns, trillium, Solomon seal, jack-in-the-pulpit and much more! The garden boasts over 50 peonies consisting of herbaceous, tree and stock varieties. A vegetable garden completes this gardener’s delight!
JOHN & LYNNE’S GARDEN1237 Longmeadow Drive, Glenview
Green Living, inside and out, is what sets this home and garden apart. Approaching the house you’ll find plants to draw in the local wildlife, as well as several bee hives recently added to help pollinate the flower and vegetable gardens. A new hosta garden showcases a wide selection of specimens, varying in color and size. Additionally, new evergreens have recently been installed. As with any avid gardener’s home, the plantings are always evolving!
The backyard has a water catch basin system of 8 water barrels, which are hooked up to the homes’ gutter system. John uses this exclusively to water the entire garden. But the positive ecological impact doesn’t stop there. You’ll find their future-forward 2-year-old solar system powers the home and electric car during the summer months, and includes 3 Tesla Powerwalls (13.5kW ea) to store energy for nighttime or a power outage. John has converted all equipment from gas to their available solar electricity: car, lawnmower, leaf blower, and string trimmer.
KENNICOTT GARDEN AT THE GROVE 1421 Milwaukee Ave, Glenview
The Grove’s Kennicott Garden has been proudly maintained by the Glenview Gardeners for 10 years. Originally the kitchen garden for this 1856 homestead, it now holds herbs, flowers and vegetables in a lovely parterre-style arrangement (symmetrical planting beds). Along the outer edges of the picket fence are rose bushes, rose of Sharon, a variety of perennials and heirloom peonies that are directly descended from the originals planted there. The four parterres all have a variety of perennials, including perennial vegetables such as rhubarb, Jerusalem artichoke and horseradish. One parterre contains the herb garden. Surrounding and within the garden are oak and catalpa trees. Newly emerging this year will be butterfly and pollinator garden on the exterior of the eastern fence. Many native flowers including milkweed will be included in this new space.
We are grateful for the Eagle Scouts who will be building a new gazebo this spring and for the Girl Scouts who built a sectioned compost bin this spring. (Past projects by the Scouts include the fence and benches.) We are grateful for plant and soil donations by Nextdoor community members as well as our own garden club members.

History of The Glenview Gardeners

During regular breakfast meetings of the Glenview Chamber of Commerce, a frequent subject of conversation was gardening and the Glenview Gardeners club was born. While specialty groups were well-established, the new group would focus on the general aspects of planning, designing, establishing and maintaining gardens and the rewards associated with both the interior and exterior landscaping of a home. The first meeting was held in January of 1991 and the group has met every month since.

Purpose: To bring together men and women who enjoy gardening to advance the knowledge of horticulture and to promote gardening in the Village of Glenview.

Programs: Please refer to the Calendar of Events page for program information.

Our next meeting: TBA

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